The Internet Is Going Bonkers Trying to Agree On How Many Girls Are Actually In This Photo

After a series of optical puzzles went viral across social media platforms, including the one of a lone panda amidst a sea of snowmen and the infamous dress photo, internet users have been stumped once again by another online illusion posted by Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari.

People were left scratching their heads trying to determine just how many girls are actually in the picture below, as there appears to be a mirror located somewhere in the photo. The image has gone viral, racking over 1,000 comments since it was posted to Instagram.

So, what do you think? Are there four girls? Three? Two? Where exactly is the mirror located? Is there just one mirror, or are there two or three? The Internet just can’t agree.

Vergari herself eventually commented in an attempt to clear up the confusion. “These are my daughters… one thing is for sure, I only have two daughters!” she wrote.

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