Tears Flow When 21-Year-Old Marine Battling Tough Times Gets Surprise Of Her Life

Melissa Irons is a Private First Class in the Marine Corps. This brave young woman had it rough growing up. She was in and out of bad foster homes. But her struggles have clearly made her a strong and determined person. And now, she wants to save her brothers from the same fate.

Her strength and determination have been set on getting custody of her two younger brothers, who are in the foster care system. That’s where filmmaker Greg Benson comes in.

Benson found a worthy subject for his ‘Prank It Forward’ charity web series in 21-year-old Marine Melissa Irons. Earlier this year, he contacted Irons under the guise of filming a documentary about her life, all while secretly putting forth the means to accomplish her biggest dream.

What the struggling Marine didn’t know was Benson had paid her rent and was ready to provide further assistance in starting a new life. He also arranged her trip to Alabama for a court hearing, during which she pleaded for custody of her two younger brothers.

Thankfully, the court decided that she would be a fit guardian. After their decision, she went to her brother’s school to deliver the good news. The reunion was tear-filled and inspiring.

But things were about to get even better for Irons. Benson revealed one more surprise: a new car for the family.

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