He Flies His Helicopter Over The Mountain, Captures An Unbelievable Sight

Olympian figure skater Elizabeth Putnam, has performed on sheets of ice all over the world. But thanks to her friend and helicopter pilot Brad Friesen, Putnam had the chance to show off her considerable skill atop the most beautiful scenery imaginable, at an altitude of 2,500 feet.

Bradley filmed Putnam skating atop frozen Widgeon Lake near Coquitlam and the resulting video is simply spectacular. The stunning performance looks carefully orchestrated but Putman said “not too much was planned.”

Instead of a highly choreographed routine, Putnam and Friesen chose to find inspiration in the pristine environment that surrounded them. So she just got out of the helicopter, put her skates on, and started to skate.

Friesen took off again and flew around her, filming the whole experience. For Putnam, a former Skate Canada national team member, it was one of the highlights of her career.

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