Ex-Convict Is Looking For Officer Who Gave Him ride To job Interview

It’s not uncommon for police to be looking for someone. In this case, however, James Roberts Jr. is looking for an officer, and the reason is going viral.

James, who lives in Bronx, New York, has had his problems in the past. But the admitted ex-convict is doing something to try and change that.

As CBS Reporter, Alice Gainer reports, James tried to get a job for a rental car company. He had an interview with the America Works Program and showed up at the Airport for the interview with time to spare. The problem came when Roberts found out the interview was not at the airport, it was at an office about six miles away.

The 58-year-old ex-con was pretty distraught, but he knew what he had to do in order to turn his life around. So he began his six-mile trek for the job interview. That’s when an observant police officer took notice of Roberts and approached him to find out more.

When the officer assessed the situation he knew that Roberts was going to be pushed for time. “Get in,” the cop said to James. The public servant got Roberts to the interview just in time and he ended up getting the job.

After the interview, James realized how fortunate he was to get the needed lift and wanted to thank the officer properly. But the officer was long gone. So James sought out the media to help track him down.

“Come out of the woodwork,” Roberts said to the camera. “The last thing he told me was, “Good Luck. God Bless You,” Roberts said. “I owe you lunch,” relayed James.

Wath CBS report below, and please share if you believe this is another example of how a little act of kindness can have a big effect on someone.

Please Share. Hopefully, the two will reunite and share the promised lunch.

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