Woman Hears For The First Time After Surgery, And What Her Boyfriend Says Makes Me Cry

This young woman is with her mom and boyfriend in a post-operation appointment. She’s not sure if she’ll hear or what it will be like. When she does? Everything changes because there’s another surprise waiting for her!

“I can hear!” The girl had received a cochlear implant and was having the device switched on for the very first time and was so amazed by the effect she was moved to tears.

“It’s just noisy,” she says, trying to explain her new found sense. The specialist continues to speak slowly and carefully, using hand gestures, while the girl’s brain and ear adjusts.

The noise level of the implant is reduced slightly, pleasing the girl so much much she claps her hands together, ‘I can still hear myself’ she exclaims.

Then her mother comes forward, “I love you baby,” she says, sending the young woman once again into teary laughter, unable to speak as emotions overwhelm her. But then it’s the boyfriend’s turn to address his girlfriend.

“Can you hear me?,” he asks. She wipes her tears and smiles and replies, ‘Yes”. What follows is the most precious video of a person hearing for the first time ever.

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