He Was Homeless His Whole Life… After They Rescued And Transformed Him, My Jaw DROPPED.

When rescuers from Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization in Los Angeles, California, spotted Benji, a homeless dog wandering the streets of LA, he was very afraid of people, so catching him was not an easy task.

Benji had spent his entire life living on the streets and wouldn’t let anyone near him. However, with a little bit of determination and a whole lot of patient, the rescuers were finally able to secure him. At first, he was yelping and visibly frightened. But after a few minutes they were able to pet him and gain his trust.

The poor pup was very dirty and extremely matted. He was taken to the shelter, where they shaved him down and gave him a much-needed bath. It was probably the first time he’s felt love in his life!

After a few days, Benji went home with a foster and met two new doggy pals who really helped him break out of his shell and play like a normal dog for the first time. He is so much happier now, rolling around on a bed, feeling warmth. he looks like a completely different pup!

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