Man Inserts a Broomstick In This Waterfall. Wait 'Til You See What He Finds Inside

Published on Mar 21, 2016

Every year, scores of tourists flock to Dawlish, Devon for a chance to see the town’s most popular residents: Black swans. These special birds are native only to Western Australia. But they are well known in Dawlish after being introduced to this England coastal town over a century ago.

Locals do their best to help keep the unique animals happy and healthy. Which is why it was distressing to discover these baby swans – only a few days old – trapped in a water-filled hole, unable to get out.

The poor babies somehow found their way in through the water’s current, but returning back to their mom turned out to be a challenge. Thankfully, this clever guy was able to figure out a safe way to free them.

Several people stopped to watch as the man fished out the little ones out of the hole using a broom and a bucket! Eventually, all of them were reunited with their mom who kept calling them from the other side of the water.

What a great man! I’m sure the little birds are more than grateful for him. Hopefully they’ve learned to steer clear of those areas!

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