A Family Texted The Wrong Number About A Baby's Birth, But Watch What This Guy Did Anyway

Deorick Williams had just returned from an out-of-town trip and decided to take a nap at home in Bainbridge, Georgia. About five minutes later, he was woken up by a text a message that someone was having a baby.

Slightly disoriented from the lack of sleep, he started getting dressed to visit the newborn… that’s when it hit him. He didn’t know the person who sent him the message!

Deorick Williams / Facebook

“I didn’t realize it was somebody I didn’t know,” Williams told BuzzFeed, then added: “And I started getting dressed to go.”

When he didn’t recognize any of the numbers on the thread and replied with a polite text telling the group they had the wrong number.

“After they sent a picture, I was like that’s definitely wrong number,” he said.

Deorick Williams / Facebook

However, instead of leaving the conversation there, Williams and his brother Dennis decided to come by the hospital and congratulate the family in person, writes BuzzFeed.

“Since we got invited already we thought we might as well give them gifts,” Deorick said.

The happy family was thrilled to see these total strangers so happy about their newborn baby and welcomed them into their room.

Deorick Williams / Facebook

Deorick and Dennis bought diapers, pacifiers, and bottles to welcome the new baby.

Deorick Williams / Facebook

Touched by the gesture, the family decided to share the story on Facebook where it has gone viral with thousands commending Deorick and Dennis for their selfless act of kindness.

Deorick Williams / Facebook

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H/T: BuzzFeed.

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