They Set Up a Camera Outside This Old Gas Station. Now Watch When They Go Inside…

As an artist, Robert Guthrie loves transforming old items into artistic masterpieces. So when he came across this century-old gas station for sale just outside of the French Quarter in New Orleans, he decided to do something bold. It was such an unusual idea that even his family was skeptical.

When he told them they were going to live in a gas station, his little son thought he was crazy. However, Robert went ahead and bought the run-down gas station. And what he did with it is simply jaw-dropping.

Combining hard work and creativity, Robert turned the 2,000-square-foot space into a stunning home. He added a roof deck, hydraulic lift turned staircase, jacuzzi, and full modern kitchen. But he didn’t stop there. From the toy car decorations to the oil can holder turned toilet paper holder in the bathroom, this house is a modern fix with a vintage feel.

Take a look and let us know your thoughts about this incredible home.

Amazing! This just goes to show that we’re not limited to the options presented to us. If you think Robert’s home is pretty cool, please SHARE!

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