Coffee Workers At Drive-Through Reach For Woman's Hand. When I Learn Why? OMG!

This is the heartwarming moment employees at Dutch Bros Coffee gather at the drive-through window to pray with a young widow whose husband, 37, had died just hours before. Barbara Danner, from Vancouver was waiting in her car next in line and captured the act in a touching photograph that has touched the world.

Danner posted this incredible image to Facebook and described the circumstances surrounding the photo.


“I Snapped this picture while waiting in line at the Dutch Bros on 138th Avenue today. Turns out the young lady in line ahead of us lost her 37-year-old husband last night. When the DB guys & gals noticed she was falling apart, they stopped everything and prayed with her for several minutes, invited her to come back for prayer and support, as well as anything else that she might need,” she wrote.


“Prayers for the young family, and you know where to stop for coffee!,” she added.

The image has since gone viral with more than 300,000 people posting reaction to the picture, while another 100,000 people shared it and more than 10,000 viewers added their comments.

“If this incident wasn’t enough to restore one’s faith in humanity, nothing will,” a commenter wrote.

Another woman expressed that she had also “experienced unbelievable compassion from employees at the coffee chain.”

Compassion goes a long way. Please pass it on!

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