He's Been A Police Officer For 28 Years, But When He Finally Hears THIS On The Radio…

Sergeant Douglas Hogate, Sr. has served as a police officer in Salem City, New Jersey since 1988. But after 28 years of exemplary service to his community, officer Hogate retired. The incredible moment was captured on a tear-jerking video that has gone viral.

In the touching clip below, Hogate officially signs off the air at the end of his last shift — calling in his final Code 3. While his words are filled with emotions, the most touching thing about this moment is that the voice on the other end of the radio is Douglas Hogate Jr., his own son, who is also a police officer.

“It is with great pleasure to announce that as of today, March 24, 2016 at 1800 hours, after 28 years of service, Salem City Police Sgt. Douglas Hogate Sr., Badge #612, is retiring and has given his final Code 3. The Salem County 9-1-1 Center would like to wish Sgt. Hogate a Happy Retirement & wish him all the best!,” his proud son says.

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