Postman Stands In The Rain To Pay Respects To WWII Veteran

Glenn Corbett, from Pensacola, FL, has been a Postman for 35 years. You don’t survive that many years in a job that deals with the public on a daily basis if you don’t know how to treat people with respect. Glenn was caught in the act of paying respect in another form recently in a sweet photo that is touching hearts everywhere.

While on his route on a rainy, stormy day, the longtime postal carrier was spotted honoring a WWII veteran as the man’s funeral procession passed him by. Corbett jumped outside of his truck, remove his helmet and stood in the pouring rain with his hands folded to pay his respects to a man he didn’t even know. As the line of cars and the hearse went by, he didn’t think what he did would cause the sensation it has.

The veteran, Leonard “Chuck” Chase was 94 when he passed away. He was a World War II vet who served with the 101st Airborne Division in the U.S. Army.

Carole Chase-Draughan, Mr. Chase’s daughter, was so moved by the sight she snapped a picture, which she later posted online with the caption:

Video Frame / ABC

“Whoever this wonderfully patriotic postman is, I would love to just thank him for his respect, during the steady rain on Wednesday afternoon as the funeral motorcade for my WWII Veteran father passed him. This is what Respect looks like!”

The photo has been liked more than 100,000 times and shared another 50,000 proving just how powerful it was.

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