Four Friends To Carry Their Disabled Pal On Their Backs Through Europe

‘Good friends always back each other up.’ That is usually a figurative statement. But for Kevan Chandler, who lost the use of his limbs due to spinal muscular atrophy, this statement is just as literal as it is figurative.

Muscular dystrophy is a disease that causes progressive muscle weakness. Despite his disability, however, Kevan is a brave and strong young man with a very adventurous spirit.

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Kevan dreamed of backpacking across Europe, but because of his condition he never thought it was possible. Little did he know, his friends were planning a big surprise.

Kevan’s best friends got together and figured out a remarkable and incredibly moving way to move their friend backpacking through the European countryside: he’ll actually be the backpack!

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Chandler’s friends customized backpack equipped with padding, a backrest and saddle for this amazing adventure.

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