When Steve Harvey Saw THIS Woman In The Crowd, He Had To Walk Off Stage…

If you’re a fan of the “Steve Harvey” show, you know he loves to engage with his audience. He’s great at finding opportunities to make the interactions with his fans into fun and memorable moments. This time he’s captivated by a very special fan, and the resulting video has charmed the internet.

During a recent taping of his show, Harvey spotted a little gem in the crowd and he just couldn’t resist her beauty. The second he sees Ms. Nelson, he’s instantly enchanted walks off the stage to meet her.

Ms. Nelson is from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and she never misses an episode of “Steve Harvey.” So, for her 100th birthday, her family took her to Chicago to see a live taping of his show.

“Girl, look at you! I know you ain’t no hundred!” Harvey told her playfully. “Yes I am!” insisted Ms. Nelson. “Girl, be quiet….62!” Steve responded.

Trying to figure out Ms. Nelson’s secret to her longevity, Harvey asks: “Let me ask you something, what do you eat a lot of?… “You eat bacon?”

“Oh sure!” she responded. “That’s all I needed to hear!,” Harvey said with a big smile.

It’s such a delight to meet someone who’s made it to the elegant age of 100; because if you’ve made it that far, you’ve certainly earned your stripes. And with that kind of rank you might be able to get away with some misbehaving!

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