Grandma Walks Into a Gym And Blows Everyone's Mind With THIS Incredible Lift

There’s now way around it. As we grow old, our muscles lose strength. And while most senior citizens enjoy an active lifestyle, it’s really hard to do the same things you did when you were young… Unless you ask 78-year-old Shirley Webb.

When you think of exercise for senior citizens, walking in the park or low-impact cardio in the swimming pool may come to mind. But Shirley’s favorite pastime is –get this: weightlifting! – heavy lifting!

The Illinois grandmother didn’t have any experience lifting weights until two years ago, when her granddaughter convinced her to join a gym. Since then, Sherley has been pumping iron like nobody’s business.

She’s even competed in several weightlifting competitions in the state and holds the current deadlift record for the 75-and-older division with 237 pounds!

When she began lifting, she couldn’t even make it up the stairs without relying on the handrail. Now, just two years later, she’s able to deadlift a whopping 245 pounds!

“If I got on the floor, I couldn’t get up without a chair. Now I can come right up off the floor. The harder I work out, the better I feel,” Webb said about her pre-workout life. ”

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