These Boys Met By Chance At a Pool When They Discover Something Only Fate Can Explain

Dakotah Zimmer, 13, and Isaac Nolting, 12, met by chance when they were both at a public pool in Washington, Mo. Within minutes, they were playing like long-time friends. That’s when the two realized they have the same interests, and even like the same video games. But there was something else that really sparked their curiosity.

The boys noticed they walk alike, had the same hands, feet, and nose. Then Dakotah disclosed that he had a brother who was adopted that he never met and that he knew the lady that adopted his brother was named Dawn. That’s when things changed.

Puzzled by the striking similarities, Isaac went home and asked his mother if he was adopted. Stunned, she asked him what made him think that. He told her that he thought he found his brother.

It turns out, Dakotah was living with his grandmother while Isaac had been adopted. Sadly, their birth parents both unexpectedly died when the boys were toddlers.

This truly shows that the bond of siblings can extend beyond anything else — even discovering each other by chance.

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