Farmer Donates Harvest To Feed Hungry In His Community

Like many other farmers in this small farming community in Indiana, Jonathan Lawler has been very successful. Each year, his farm sells about 700,000 pounds of food. So he never expected to see hunger in his very own neighborhood. But when he discovered how many food-deprived people were living around him, Jonathan decided to do something about it.

Jonathan came to the heartbreaking realization after a brief conversation with his son after he returned home from school one day.

“He talked about kids who take home food from the food pantry,” Jonathan says. The revelation that his son’s classmates were ‘hungry’ and couldn’t eat enough food in a day hit him to the core.

Video frame / Youtube

He couldn’t understand how a community full of farms and food can have kids going to school hungry. This notion troubled Jonathan. He didn’t believe any child should feel hungry, so he came up with a solution that left the entire town speechless.

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What Jonathan is doing is truly awesome! Compassion goes a long way. Pass it on!

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