Abused Puppy Reaction To Human Touch Will Melt Your Heart

Every minute, there is an enormous number of animals suffering pain worse than you or I could ever imagine, due animal cruelty at the hands of humans. Thankfully, rescue groups all over the world have made their mission to save these poor creatures and help them find a loving home.

This little puppy has been living in animal control since being rescued from an abusive owner. As the video clearly shows, the pup is terrified of humans. But his incredibly thin appearance and fearful demeanor is a clear indication of the level of mistreatment and abuse he has endured. However, freedom is near.

In the video below, a volunteer from the charity group, A Place To Bark, interacts with the puppy for the very first time. At first, when the gates open and the woman approaches, the puppy backs up as far as he can into the corner. But when he realizes the woman has good intentions, he moves closer. His big brown eyes say it all.

It’s evident that all this beautiful puppy needs to be loved so he can begin to trust again. It breaks my heart to see how anyone could instill this much fear in an innocent animal. Fortunately, this lovely pup has found a forever home where he will be given the love and care he deserves!

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