Dog Fetches Ball, Returns To Find His Soldier Home From Deployment

For military families, there’s nothing more joyful than seeing their loved ones return home safe. But, as you can see in the video below, soldiers’ wives and children aren’t the only ones who miss them when they’re on overseas deployments, their pets do too!

This U.S. soldier decided to test just how much his German shepherd, Ranger, missed him during a recent tour of duty, surprising him with a special game of fetch.

In the video, the soldier hides in the house while his friend, who had been caring for the unsuspecting pup in his absence, throw’s Ranger’s favorite toy across the large backyard. Ranger chases after the toy, doing a lap of a tree before returning for a second try.

The dog expected to deliver the ball to the man who threw it, but instead, he finds his hero owner, having emerged from his hiding place still dressed in his army greens, crouching down waiting with open arms. His reaction is truly heartwarming.

Watch the sweet moment below, and please SHARE it if you are happy to see this soldier reunited with his loving pal.

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