Watching This 5-Year-Old Girl Playing With 14 German Shepherds Will Lower Your Blood Pressure

As spring transforms the cold and dry landscape into a whole new world of color and warmer temperatures, more and more kids come outside to play. But when this dad saw his 5-year-old daughter playing with her best friends and so excited about the beautiful spring weather, he knew he had to get the camera out to capture such a precious moment.

But what made millions of people fall in love with this adorable video, isn’t the fact that this little girl was having such a great time, but it was who she was having it with: a group of 14 beautiful German shepherds!

Who said that German Shepards are dangerous to kids and other dogs? As this video shows, it all depends on how humans treat them. If a dog of any breed is raised in loving conditions, then they’ll end up happy and healthy. If a dog is abused, it’s no surprise if they become anti-social and scared of humans.

While these dogs are certainly strong, they can be great family dogs. It’s obvious that these beautiful German shepherds have been treated with love and respect in their forever home. Playing with their little friend really says it all. It doesn’t get any sweeter than this!

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