90-Year-Old Grandma Posing In A Bikini Takes The Internet By Storm

Women can be beautiful at every curve and any age. Sadly, in today’s society, people have the unfortunate tendency to marginalize women past a certain age. In fact, many women when they get past their 20s, decide to play it safe on the beach in a cover up or a modest swimming costume, but this 90-year-old woman from Australia has shown that you really can rock a two-piece at any age.

Encouraged by her friends while getting ready for a cruise with her family, 90-year-old Irene Carney from New South Wales, Australia decided to go a little more youthful with her choice of bathing suit.

A photograph, shared on Facebook by Byron Bay’s Lady Watego boutique, shows the 90-year-young striking a pose in her Seafolly pink polka-dot bikini on a cruise ship. Yes, you read the right — 90 years young!

This GOLDEN GIRL wasn’t intending on becoming an international modeling sensation, but that’s what happened when her photo went viral pretty quickly… and the rest is history. People all over the world are inspired by her.

It just goes to show that confidence is attractive at any age! The fashion industry is often criticized for being youth-obsessed, and failing to cater for older women.

One commenter wrote: “Fantastic lady!”


“Irene you are an inspiration! You have a great figure and I’m glad you are too smart to listen to anyone who says otherwise!” another user wrote.

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