Clever Kids Form Arrow In The Field, Leading Police To Suspect's Location

Let’s face it, kids are a lot smarter than we think. In fact, sometimes their creativity ways to solve problems can result in something heroic and inspiring. Take for instance this incredible story about a group of young kids who were able to help the police catch the bad guys in a very clever way.

The children were out having an Easter egg hunt as a fundraiser for a young boy with leukemia when they noticed a police helicopter overhead. Then we saw a man running along the side of the field.

The kids tried yelling and waving to the helicopter to point it in the right direction, but quickly realized they couldn’t be heard. The kids could see the man but the helicopter couldn’t because it was hovering over the woods. Instead of panicking, they used some quick thinking to help direct the police to where the suspect was: forming a human arrow!

Video frame / Youtube

At first, the police in the helicopter thought the kids were just playing around, but it only took them a short while to realize that the kids were sending them a message. Genius!

They looked over to where the kids were pointing and were able to locate and capture the suspects. Minutes later, the helicopter came back and landed in the field and “the officers came to talk to us,” the children told The Daily Mail. “We feel really proud of what we did,” one boy added.

Video frame / Daily mail

These kids were true heroes all around. Not only did they help the police catch the bad guys, but also raised money for childhood leukemia. They should feel proud!

Watch the video report below and please pass it on if you think these kids are heroes.

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