Firefighters Show Up At This Mom's House To Check a 'Gas Leak'. But She Never Expected THIS!

Being separated from your loved ones is something most people can’t even imagine. Sadly, for many, this is a reality that soldiers and military personnel often have to endure as they serve our country away from home for months or even years at a time. So every time we see these heroes returning home from deployment is cause for celebration.

Army Specialist Chris Adams from Groveland, Massachusetts, had been stationed in Afghanistan for 10 months. Before his deployment, Chris also worked as a firefighter and paramedic, and always kept in contact with his friends at the local fire station.

When he was notified that he was going to be sent home soon, he wanted to make his return home a total surprise for his beloved mother. So he called in a favor to his former colleagues. They called to warn her that there was a suspected gas leak in the area and the authorities would have to swing by to check things out.

Riding in a giant firetruck, followed by police cruisers with blaring sirens, Chris pulled up outside his mother’s home. She came out of her house to investigate all the commotion. That’s when Chris popped out of the truck and ran over to his mother, picking her up in an emotional embrace after she dropped to the ground in joyful tears.

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