Rescued Elephants Finally Find a Forever Home

Published on Apr 11, 2016

Elephants are well known for their intelligence and self-awareness. They are incredibly social animals and truly amazing to watch. That’s why it’s so hard to believe that, even today, there are people out there who abuse these magnificent creatures.

Thankfully, there are also people who have made it their life mission to rescue abused animals, including elephants. Volunteers at Chang Mai, Thailand will do whatever it takes to make sure they’re defended from poachers, saved from horrible living conditions and brought to a magical place where they can be sure they’ll be safe and sound.

Seeing these elephants arrive at a place where they can explore and play is really awe-inspiring. If you look into their eyes, you can really see the happiness they feel.

Watch the heartwarming video below, and please SHARE it if you think all animals should be treated with respect!

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