These Orphaned Cheetah Cubs Are Waiting For Their New Mom. Wait 'Til You See Who…

There’s a commonly held belief that dogs and cats just can’t get along because they are natural enemies. But people who share their homes with both species know that this is not true. Dogs and cats can form fast friendships, and sometimes their bond is truly heartwarming.

After their mother passed away, these tiny orphaned cheetah cubs were in dire need of a new mom. The cubs are growing fast, but they’re not big enough to play with the adult cheetahs, so they need a patient, furry friend to care for them like their own. Thankfully, a very surprising foster mom stepped up to the plate in the most inspiring way possible.

Don’t be troubled, little ones! Blakely, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s resident nursery dog is here to help. Quiet and loving, he’s there to provide someone warm to cuddle up next to and someone patient and strong for the babies to play with and climb all over to build their strength.

The video below shows the adorable cubs cuddling with their new mom, Blakely, and they couldn’t be happier! The cubs will grow, play, and learn in the nursery for 8 to 12 weeks before they move on up to the real world. Kids grow up so fast!

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