Grandpa Spent 2 Years Working In This Old Corn Silo. When He Calls His Family Inside…

For any grandparent, entertaining grandchildren can be a tall order, but this Kentucky grandpa came up with an idea that seems out of child’s dream: a treehouse 50 feet off the ground!

According to the Daily Mail, Rusty Combs first came up with the idea for building a clubhouse on top of a silo when his two sons were youngsters, but it wasn’t until granddaughter Kiley was born that he decided to make the dream a reality.

The proud grandfather built the log cabin in his garage. “It started out about two years ago as a two-month project,” Mr. Combs told NBC.

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Two years after Combs began his project, Kiley’s Clubhouse was finally complete.

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To ensure the safety for his granddaughter, Rusty got the approval of a structural architect, along with a building permit. He then hired a crane to lift it into place on the silo.

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The treehouse became such a neighborhood attraction that hundreds of cars pass by every week just to take a look!

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‘All my immediate neighbors have been fantastic. I think every single one of them has come and helped me on it from time to time,’ he said.

To reach the playhouse, you must climb up four 8-foot ladders. The interior features lighting, running water, and air conditioning.

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But perhaps the most amazing feature in this playhouse is its magnificent view of the green land and tall water towers.

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What an amazing grandpa! He really stepped to the challenge and pulled off the unthinkable. What kid wouldn’t love to hang out here?!

Image Source: Daily mail

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H/T: LittleThings, Daily Mail.

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