Student Leaves Crowd In Awe With Amazing Prayer At Graduation

Following a medical emergency during this high school graduation ceremony, the attendees were fearful of what was to come next. But As the worried crowd waited silently, Clay-Chalkville High School senior Christian Crawford stepped to the microphone to put the fears to rest. And what he said left everyone in awe.

Beloved by his classmates, Crawford is well-known for his respectful demeanor, and all around good attitude. He also possesses extraordinary oratory abilities.

Crawford delivered a heartfelt prayer that has gone viral. But even as the video captured the internet, Crawford stayed as humble as ever and simply stated:

“It wasn’t even me, it was all God… That’s when God began to take control. I’m glad the video has gotten this far, but it’s all up to God getting the glory. If God is not getting the glory, then this whole thing is in vain.”

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