College Sprinter Stuns The World In Most Amazing Comeback EVER

What happens in the video below has been called the comeback of the century, and you’re about to see why.

UCC’s Phil Healy was the last runner in the 4x400m relay race, and by the time she was handed the baton, Healy was a staggering distance behind her competitors. Incredibly, the Irish athlete managed to run her way from “the depths of hell” to a first place finish.

At the 0:59 mark, as the athletes turned the last corner, Healy came flying up the outer lane from 5th place. She passed one runner after another until at the last possible moment she overtook the Olympic favourite Michelle Finn. She absolutely gave the race her all.

The announcer, Cathal Dennehy, said: “She was so far behind that, at the last lap, the camera left her out of view. It was about 70 metres, which, in a 400-metre race, is a ridiculous deficit to claw back.”

After her colossal effort, Healy immediately collapsed from exhaustion as she crosses the finish line.

Watch the monumental moment below and please SHARE it to congratulate Healy for her incredible win.

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