This Is The Most Touching Daddy-Daughter Dance Video You'll Ever See

Over the years, I’ve watched a good share of heartwarming videos, but the one you’re about to see has touched my heart in a profound way.

Every girl dreams of her father-daughter dance as a rite of passage. For this daddy-daughter duo, however, the tradition has taken on a broad new significance.

Twelve-year-old McKenzie Michelle Carey has been performing in pageants for most of her young life, despite the inability to speak or use her legs. Every time she gets on stage, her dad helps her light up the stage.


Mike Carey, a truck driver from Dallas, Georgia, acts as the arms and legs of his daughter, McKenzie, a beauty-pageant queen in a wheelchair who lives with a rare disorder and, like any preteen girl, has a love of dancing.

Video frame

After watching the first few seconds of the video below I was bawling my eyes out. Moments later, tears were streaming down my face as I tried to hold back those choking sobs.

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