Iowa Teen Makes Prom Dress From Gum Wrappers

For every high schooler, the biggest night of the year is, without a doubt, prom night. For girls, wearing a less-than-perfect prom dress is considered sacrilege. But that didn’t stop Elizabeth Rasmuson, from Iowa, to take a familiar risk and put her reputation on the line by wearing the most unusual prom dress.

In 2010, Elizabeth not only designed her own prom gown, she made it using nothing but chewing gum wrappers! The reasoning? She heard about someone who made a dress out of duct tape, and since she also liked the colors of the ‘Five’ gum brand, well… Her creative mind took over and the rest is history.

With the help of her boyfriend, Jordan, the high school grad started collecting gum, handing it out to her friends and family, and keeping the wrappers for her ultimate creation. And not only did she spend hours on her own outfit, but the determined teen even created a matching vest for Jordan.


A gum wrapper prom dress may sound strange at first, but the result is way more stunning than I imagined.

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H/T: LittleThings.

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