Judge Who Recognized Former Classmate In Court Surprises Him Again at Jail Release

Running into an old classmate from years ago can be awkward. The worst case scenario, however, is that you didn’t comb your hair because you were only running to the store for milk, so you simply look the other way and hope they didn’t see you. But Arthur Booth’s situation was way worse. He was wearing a jail jumpsuit, and he couldn’t avoid his former friend from Nautilus Middle School because she was the judge setting his bond on burglary charges.

The video, in which the Judge tells him across the courtroom, “Did you go to Nautilus for middle school?… I’m sorry to see you there. I always wondered what happened to you,” went viral about a year ago. Booth touched people’s hearts when he broke down and cried upon realizing the judge was his old friend, Mindy Glazer.

Earlier this week, after serving about 10 months on those burglary charges, Booth was was surprised to see Glazer again, except this time it was under way better circumstances. He was released early as part of a court program, and Glazer showed up to meet her old friend on his release from jail, several news outlets reported.

“You’re gonna do something good for somebody else. That’s what you’re gonna do,” Glazer told Booth as his family stood nearby. Booth began tearing up again.

“She’s an inspiration and motivation to me right now,” Booth told reporters. “Seeing Mindy is incredible because I know where I could have been. But I’m not giving up on life.”

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