This Dog Mourning His The Loss Of His Owner Is Breaking The Internet's Heart

Abraham Martinez, the 21-year-old shown in the picture below, was recently killed in an accident, sources say. He was driving in a parking lot when the incident occurred – rear-ended by a speeding car, he was pushed to collide with a truck traveling in the opposite direction. The result was fatal.

His sister, Alexandra, told sources that she and her family were “in complete shock, denial, sadness, anger, frustration, and deep, deep pain… it is going to be incredibly hard to fill this void… in our family”.

It’s a significant loss for everyone in the Martinez family, especially Jax, Abraham’s canine companion.

The German shepherd was brought into the family when he was just a little pup, and the two became best friends since then. Alexandra added that Jax would accompany Abraham constantly and would sleep with him at nights, even if the German Shepard got too big to share a bed.

It was clear that Abraham and Jax had an incredibly close relationship. Since’s Abraham’s passing, however, Jax hasn’t been the same.

Alexandra said, “He has barely eaten his food, and when people come over, he gets excited until he realizes my brother isn’t here… He walks around the house as if he’s looking for something and when he gives up he just sighs.”

What this next photo captures is incredibly heartbreaking and just what the family, including Jax, are going through at the moment.

This is incredibly touching. We are sorry for your loss, Abraham was no doubt a wonderful and loving person for Jax to be so close to him. Our deepest condolences.

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