This Guy Broke Three Bones, But Seeing His Hospital Bill Will Leave You In Pain

Let’s face it, in the US, medical bills can get ridiculously expensive, but the one shared by this guy is truly horrifying.

It’s well known that the US has one of the most expensive healthcare systems in the world, spending $9,086 per person annually compared to $2,802 per person in the United Kingdom and $1,450 in Canada. However, this particular bill seems pretty extreme even by those standards, especially considering that $169,000 of the bill was simply cut.

Reddit user  kgfromthemv wrote that, while rock climbing recently, his brother broke his neck, back, and ankle. After two operations and a week in hospital, he thought that he’d share the final bill, and Oh. My. Goodness… yes, everyone was shocked!


Kgfromthemv writes that as ridiculous as this bill may seem, “it doesn’t include ambulance fees, paramedic fees, or fees that individual “specialist” doctors might charge.” Ouch!

Thankfully, his parents have good insurance and covered $197,000 of that cost. His brother will end up paying around $1,500 and the other $169,000 was deducted from the bill because the insurer refused to pay it.

So, don’t stop having fun, but try not to break your bones while you’re at it, because the bill can be more painful than your injuries.

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