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9-year-old Tristan Jacobson, like many his near is age, set up a lemonade stand to raise some money. However, his motivation wasn’t to have a few extra bucks to spend at the near-by convenience store.

Charging a buck for each ice-cold lemonade, Tristan handled giving change with ease. Not a surprise, since math is his favorite subject.

Here is Tristan, sitting on his cooler next to his lemonade stand. (Photo: Andrew Jansen/News-Leader)

After each sale is made, Tristan saves that dollar, just so that the legal fees of his adoption can be taken care of. He had hoped to raised $5,000 to pay for it all, which is a long way to go a dollar at a time.

“She will be my parent… I’m happy because I have a new mom who loves me,” said Tristan. He’s referring to Donnie Davis, who has (including her husband) been the 9-year-old’s kinship guardians since the boy was 5.

Tristan had hoped to raise the $5,000 required to pay the fee of his own adoption. It’s no small amount, especially for the 9-year-old. (Photo: KTRK)

It meant everything to Donnie Davis that Tristan would stay part of the family, just to assure that Tristan that they’ll be there for him.

News of Tristan’s goal had gained popularity, and when Donnie Davis and her husband held a yard sale, the results were absolutely astonishing.

Just from Tristan’s lemonade stand alone, $7,100 was raised towards the adoption fees. A lot of work for Tristan, but no doubt a huge relief that the goal was met. Along with that, a total of $14,000 was donated to help Donnie and her husband pay the fee’s to adopt Tristan. More than enough. In fact, the remaining amount would go towards Tristan’s higher education in the future.

Here is Donnie Davis hugging and kissing the boy she and her husband were watching over since he was just 5. They had hoped that their garage sale would be enough to pay the legal fee’s, but the response from the community blew them away. (Photo: Andrew Jansen/News-Leader)

The Davis family was grateful for everyone’s charitable actions, and they assured that Tristan would be part of their family forever.

So heartwarming!

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