World's Most Beautiful Horses Stun The Crowd With Mesmerizing Performance

Whether you’ve been riding since before you could walk or you’ve never been around horses before, this video will utterly transform the way you think about these magnificent animals.

Horse lovers often develop great friendship with these animals, but horse trainer Frédéric Pignon has taken horse-human relationship to a whole new level.

Pignon is an equestrian artist who grew up in a family with a passion for horses. As a child, he kept company with dogs, horses and chickens while trying to teach them a few acrobatic acts of his own invention. This precious inheritance helped him develop a relationship with his animals based on respect and mutual understanding.

For Frédéric, the horse will always remain a mystery. Even as a child, he would stand close to the horses, so he could hear their thoughts. For nearly 40 years, this avid horse enthusiast has tried to pierce the mystery, to better understand horses so they can better understand him. Today, he shares this special bond with audiences of a major equestrian show that has toured North America and Europe for the past five years.

His close relationship with these beautiful creatures has stirred the imaginations of thousands of spectators.

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