Paralyzed Dog Was About To Be Put Down, But A Tick Was Discovered

Ollie, a collie, was in good health and usually quite active. However, his health began to worsen unexpectedly – the 10-year-old dog had lost much of his mobility and stopped eating properly. After taking the immobile collie to his veterinarian, the vets ran all the standard tests that could potentially cause the paralysis, but it yielded no results.

Ollie’s family feared that there was no chance at recovery, and after much thought, they decided it was time for Ollie to be put to rest. It was too much to see him struggle and suffer.

However, an intern at the animal hospital felt something behind Ollie’s ears while trying to comfort him. As the intern was prepping Ollie for his final moments, a single tick was found.

It turned out to be the source of the paralysis. Tick paralysis, which is quite rare, had caused Ollie’s neurological problems:

Found in the nick of time by the intern, the tick was taken care of. Not more than 10 hours later, the collie was back to his old self, energetic and ready to move!

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