Hero Dog Saves Unconscious Owner Drom Oncoming Train

A dog’s loyalty and love knowns no bounds, even when their life is on the line. This story in Shirley, Massachusetts proves just that.

Lilly, an 8-year-old pit bull, was out with her owner, Christine Spain, when Christine suddenly became unconscious while passing some railroad tracks and fell onto them. As there was no one nearby to assist Christine or even call an ambulance – Lilly could do nothing but wait for her owner to regain consciousness.

Soon enough, a train on the tracks soon approached the unconscious body – a collision with the body was inevitable. Lilly began to pull Christine off the railroad tracks to the best of her ability – no small feat for a dog to pull the weight of an adult human being.

The train’s driver was the only one to witness the dog struggle to take Christine off the tracks, and although he tried to stop, he eventually passed over where she lay. He stepped off the train fearing the worst.

He saw that Christine, despite unconscious, was off the railroad tracks. Lilly, however, was struck by the train. She sustained several injuries, including a severely injured front-right leg and a fractured pelvis.

Lilly, post-recovery, after losing her front right leg after saving Christine. Tough, yet sweet dog!

She was taken to an animal hospital, where her injured leg had to be amputated due to the degree of injury. Thankfully, she survived the other injuries and began her road to full recovery.

Lilly was rescued years before, and she returned the favor. Truly a hero:

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