Adorable Shelter Cat Helps Other Animals Recover To Full Health

Radamenes, a black cat now staying in an animal shelter, was rushed into a shelter in the town of Bydgoszcz in Poland. Near death due to a respiratory infection, his chances of survival were slim. That didn’t stop this cat from fighting back, and, thankfully, he made an unexpected recovery.

At first, like other shelter animals, it was time to find Radamenes a new home and family to care for him. However, it was soon discovered that this cat had a natural talent that convinced the staff to let him stay at the animal shelter.

Radamenes had begun helping other animals on the road to recovery, comforting the injured and ill. He himself had essentially become a “nurse”.

He spends his time at the shelter close with those who aren’t feeling well – so that don’t have to feel alone. Less stress means faster recovery.

When hugs or cuddling are necessary, Radamenes will always be there for his pals.

Radamenes was near death once before, so he comforts others who are distressed so that they may recuperate just as he did.

This cat has a really big heart! His healing touch has helped many animals that have come to the shelter feel better, and recover from their illness or injury faster. Every shelter would benefit from a cat like Radamenes.

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