Terrorist Loads Weapons and Explosives Into Vehicle. However, He Didn't Expect This When He Got In To Drive

Terror attacks are terrible things, no matter the parties involved.

Grégoire Moutaux was arrested prior to the Euro 2016 football championship before he could act. He had planned 15 terrorist attacks against Muslims, Jews, police, tax collection organizations and several locations. The 25-year-old Frenchman wasn’t fond of immigrants and had planned to strike several times with the stockpile he had collected.

Gregoire’s home was raided, along with his car, and much was found: five assault rifles, 5000 rounds for the rifles, anti-tank grenade launchers, over 100kg of explosives and chemicals to produce those explosives. Quite the arsenal with potential to do horrendous damage. It’s also worth noting that Neo-Nazi t-shirts had been found as well. All of this was unexpected for a man without criminal record and whom the locals call “a polite man”.

He was believed to gain access to these weapons while traveling to Ukraine. As the region is in conflict, arsenals like the one mentioned above would be much easier to obtain than at home.

Ukraine agents had kept an eye on the Frenchman, and this is the result:

If not for this, many people may have died.

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