Scared Homeless Dog Saved From Streets

Seeing anyone struggle through homelessness is heartbreaking, animals included. It’s even worse during the winter, where the cold weather can be relentless as ever. That’s what this little one went through before he met these people.

Zuzi, a homeless dog, was surviving on and around the parking space of a company. Although she got by drinking water out of puddles on the road and eating some of the food left out by the company’s employees, she was covered in ticks and wounds. It was clear she needed help.

Zuzi was already distrusting of people, making it difficult for the rescuers to get close. In the past, dogcatcher’s methods had traumatized her, so the rescuers had to find another way. Although Zuzi was defensive each time they approached, the pup was finally calmed. Here is her rescue:

After being treated for her injuries, Zuzi slowly learned how to trust people, all thanks to these kind individuals who make sure dogs on the street have a second chance.

Zuzi’s forever family soon adopted her in Canada. They had moved from Romania, and, knowing the situation of dogs on the streets there, they decided to save the life of one!

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