Woman Saves Kitten On The Road From Being Run Over

Normally, motorcyclists have helmet-mounted cameras to catch potential accidents, road rage and such, but this one caught something that made my heart drop more than once!

This woman riding a motorcycle at an intersection was bound to make a left turn when something caught her eye as a red car passed by. It was tiny, ginger, and stuck in the middle of the road as traffic was only inches from running it over.

A small kitten had fallen from the undercarriage of a car, probably there for warmth. Several times, the kitten was too close to being run over, so this woman decided to hop off her bike and made her way onto the busy road to save the little guy.

After taking the kitten to the sidewalk where another spectator was, she finally moved her bike from the road. She decided to adopt the kitten, naming him Skids, short for Skidmark. Appropriate name for the little cat stuck in the road!

Cute cat!

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