Man Finds Fish Tank Cemented Shut. You'll Never Guess What Was Inside

It’s incredible how cruel some humans can be. Someone locked these two puppies inside a fish tank and left them to die on the bank of a Mississippi creek. Luckily, a man stumbled across the aquarium.

Matt Williamson stumbled upon the glass tank as he searched for his own lost dog in Hinds County. He noticed something strange about this particular aquarium, however.

“As I got closer, I saw these eyes peering out at me and they looked like they needed help,” Williamson told reporters. “They were put in here to drown. They wanted these puppies to drown in here,” he added.

The tank’s lid was cemented shut, meaning that the dogs could have either ended up suffocating due to a lack of air or drowning if the tank had filled up with water.

Local deputies freed the young dogs, which were then taken to the Mississippi Animal Rescue League. Director Debra Boswell described the dogs as being “a little feral and not used to human handling,” but should be available for adoption if found to be in good health.

It’s not clear if Williamson ended up finding his own missing pooch. Deputies are investigating the incident.

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