Dog Rescued After Being Tied To A House During A Flood

To me, pets are part of the family, and when disaster hits, they’re coming along with me. This dog, however, was left behind once a flood hit.

Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls and a KPRC news crew were surveying the neighborhood and getting footage of the flooded area. However, one of the members on the boat spotted something in the distance that made many people’s hearts drop – a dog stuck at a house. Neck-deep in water, they came closer to see why they dog wouldn’t come their way.

What they found had them in shock. The 2-year-old border collie mix, Archer, had been tied to the house before water levels reached critical amounts.

“They chained him to the front of the [expletive] house?!”, said one of the rescuers. A visible ring had formed on the dog’s neck due to the amount of time the pup had been tied there.

The sheriff posted on Facebook, “This is infuriating… these residents will get a visit from me when they return.”

Sheriff Troy E. Nehls Facebook – “This is the girl we found chained to a house yesterday. She is certainly looking a little happier while getting a warm bath! The Humane Society is calling her “Archer” and she’ll be ready for adoption soon.”

Archer was taken to the Houston Humane Society. After care and cleared for adoption, Troy Nehls, the sheriff who was part of her rescue, decided to adopt Archer himself.

Sheriff Troy E. Nehls Facebook. It’s safe to say that Archer is in loving arms now.

By the looks of things, Archer won’t have to worry about being left behind ever again.

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