Man Throws Rock, Smashing A Car's Window To Save A Dog

Published on Jun 14, 2016

This man was caught on video throwing a large rock at a BMW’s window with full force. At first glance, some may have thought it was simply vandalism. People couldn’t help but watch and gasp each time this man hurled the rock.

However, this man was trying to save a life from the hot car. Inside was a little dog sweltering from excessive heat, and it wasn’t sure when the owner would be back. Soon enough, the window couldn’t stand another hit – it shattered into pieces, allowing the man to reach in and take the dog out.

It’s clear this dog was distressed from the heat. Moments after being rescued from the heat of the car (and cooling off), this little dog just wanted to play with his saviors:

Will Costa, who was on Grand Bend Beach at the time, had posted this video on Facebook that instantly went viral – a reminder to many dog owners that heat strokes from being left in a hot car can be fatal.

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