Friend Adopts 6 Children Once Their Mother Passes Away From Terminal Cancer

Beth Laitkep, a 39-year-old mother with 6 children, was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. As her condition worsened, she feared that her 6 children would have nowhere else to turn to. As for the father, he left the family around the time Beth’s condition hit a critical point.

Stephanie Culley – People

Laitkep had turned to Stephanie Culley, an incredibly close friend since high school, during her stay in the hospital. Culley had taken in the children while Laitkep could not care for them, which eased Laitkep’s mind as the children were already comfortable with the Culley home and family. For the next month, Culley and the children continued to visit Laitkep.

Unfortunately, the cancer had spread to her spine and brain, and she had soon passed away. A heart-wrenching moment for all of them.

However, before she passed, Laitkep had asked Culley for one last favor. She asked her friend, “If a miracle doesn’t happen and I don’t make it, can you take my children as your own?”

Stephanie Culley – People

“I immediately said yes,” said Culley.

Beth said in her final moments, “Tell my babies I love them. And you know I love you too, Stephanie.”

Stephanie Culley – People

Culley’s favor for Laitkep would change her family’s life forever. Cullen had adopted the children as her own, making her family 6 children larger. Along with three children of her own, Culley dedicated herself to the Laitkep children to ensure that the transition to their home would be as smooth as possible, and to ensure that those children have a loving family to turn to.

Stephanie Culley – People

The adoption paperwork is being processed, and the case will be finalized on June 19th.

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