Little Girl Runs To Hug Soldier Dad In Heartwarming Moment

Daniel Oglesby, a member of Fort Carson’s 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, was deployed to Kuwait. It was certainly a long ways from his family in Colorado. He was set to be there for eight months before returning – a long time for his wife but no doubt a longer time for his two little toddlers.

Soon enough, eight months had passed, and he was finally able to return to his family. Before he could officially reunite with them, an Army homecoming ceremony was to be held. He stood in formation with his fellow soldiers awaiting release.

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However, mid-ceremony, 3-year-old Karis Oglesby simply couldn’t wait another moment to hug her father. Spotting him from the bleachers, she broke from her mother’s arms to give dad a warm welcome home.

Daniel simply couldn’t help but break formation to hug her back, where she then ran back to her mother with glee.

Even though protocol was broken by the moment, families in the crowd broke into applause after seeing Karis show her unrelenting love for her father. Precious.

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After the ceremony was over and soldiers dismissed, Daniel was able to give his daughters a much longer hug this time.

Halchak Photography – Facebook

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