Can You Find YOURNAME In This Puzzle? If You Do, You Have An Above Average Functioning Brain

Let’s face it, during these busy and the stressful days, our brains need a break every once in a while. So it’s always good to take some time off from the challenging things that you do on a daily basis and look at something entertaining on the internet

One excellent way to take a break but not go completely brain dead while on the web is to do those interesting web puzzles that you come across that really make you think about what you are doing, and require some extra thought than compared to just browsing and shopping.

This puzzle is creating quite a buzz in the Internet. It will probably get you very frustrated, but it has quite a simple answer. Take a look at this block of text, and see if you can find your name in here:


If you can’t, don’t worry because most people typically get tricked up when they start looking for their name, and realize that you need to actually look for “your name” within the block of text.


Tricky! This type of puzzle is often recommended by brain doctors for keeping mental health in tip top condition.

But it’s not solved yet. ‘Your name’ actually appears in more than one line. Take another look. You should be able to spot it three times. The trickiest one is at the top because it is backwards.


According to experts, when you do these puzzles, your brain is not rapidly multitasking, which really wears and tears on the frontal lobe in your head which puts us under a lot of stress, not only in our brains but in our bodies as well. This means that when you multitask, you are slowly decreasing your memory capabilities!

To help you improve your memory, researchers recommend taking some time out of the day to stop your hectic work day, cut your constant connection with technology, and sit back and relax to do these mind exercises. You will be at a better overall health if you do these puzzles over time repeatedly.

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