Photo Of Police Officer Consoling Autistic Teen Goes Viral

When Charlotte police officer Tim Purdy was dispatched to an incident involving a young autistic high school student who left the campus, he didn’t know what to expect. Due to the young man’s neuro-developmental disorder, he had a history of displaying violent behavior and was feared to be suicidal.

Purdey heard on the radio that two officers were already at the scene. However, he decided to continue on his way to assist them. When he arrived on location, he saw the officers struggling with the young man. Things didn’t look and quickly escalating to a bad situation. That’s when he jumped into action.

In order to build a connection with the young man, Officer Purdy sat next to him on the ground, talked things through and even got him laughing. Officer Purdy established trust and a relationship that allowed officers to get this young man the help that he so desperately needed.

A photo taken by his fellow officers as he talks things out with the potentially suicidal teen with autism has wracked up thousands of shares on social media.

There’s more to policing than making arrests and enforcing the law. Sometimes taking those extra little steps makes the biggest difference in someone’s life.

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