Pig Plays Dead In The Middle Of The Road To Save Owner From Heart Attack

Lulu, a pot-bellied pig, had played dead in the middle of the road one fateful day. The reason had many people in pure shock.

An older married couple, Jo Ann and Jack Altsman, had begun baby-sitting their daughter’s pig, Lulu. What was once was a temporary stay for the pig turned into a new home. The couple had grown incredibly close to the pig.

As the days passed by, the relationship between Lulu and the couple grew more and more. One day, Jack decided to spend some time fishing at Lake Erie, while Jo Ann stayed at their vacation trailer at Presque Isle. No one was around for what would happen next.

Jo Ann, aged 61 at the time, suddenly had a heart attack. She cried for help as she fell to the floor, but it was of no use. With no phone nearby, there was no telling whether Jack would be back in time to call an ambulance.

However, the pot-bellied pig knew something had to be done. Lulu had gone out to the road where she knew people would be, injuring herself in the process. With several cuts on her, Lulu played dead in the road, hoping someone in traffic would be startled enough to stop.

Even though several cars had reportedly passed by Lulu, one man stopped and got out to check on her. Lulu got up, and led him back to the trailer. That’s where Jo Ann was found in distress, and finally taken to the hospital for open heart surgery.

Lulu and Jo Ann Altsman post surgery after the story had gone viral.

If she had been found any more than 15 minutes later, she would have died. This is one amazing pig, and a savior for the Altsman family.


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