Kids Set Up Lemonade Stand For Little Brother's Surgery

At times, children can have the biggest hearts in the world.

Photo by Mace Petty

Addison Witulski, a 9-year-old living in New Mexico, was inspired to raise some money, so she set up a lemonade stand. Addison rallied her friends, Erika and Emily Borden, and began making lemonade for passing individuals seeking to quench their thirst. Prices ranged from 25 to 50 cents for a cup of lemonade, and 25 cents for a picture drawn by them.

To much surprise, the small group of children had raised over $500.00 from the stand alone. However, this money wasn’t going towards anyone’s personal piggy bank, but for Addison’s little brother, Kaden. He was due for heart surgery in July, and Addison’s family were talking about getting the funds for the treatment in a Houston hospital.

Kim Allred, Addison’s guardian, said, “I guess she has overheard me and her grandpa talking… [she] decided she was going to go out there and have a lemonade stand and make some drawings and pictures and sell them.”

Photo by Mace Petty

Surely enough, word spread, and New Mexico State Police Officers and many others were stopping by for a refreshing drink of lemonade – all to support Addison’s cause. Kim Allred was speechless.

“[For Addison] and her best friend Erika to do this and to just hand me over this money to go instead of wanting to go and buy stuff for themselves… I cannot explain, I can’t, there are no words. I’m just, I’m so grateful. She is a sweetheart, I mean this girl, she helps me more than I help her at times,” said Allred.

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